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Eight Tips for Getting Ready for RV Season

(NAPS)—If you enjoy roaming the road with your recreational vehicle (RV), you have lots of company. Millions enjoy that freedom, too. Here are some general tips that will help to steer you towards a stress-free season on the road:

Clean it up and air it out. Open all roof vents and windows and then remove any pest control items you may have placed during winter storage. It is also a good idea to clean or replace air conditioner filters.

Check for damage.

• Look for deterioration of seals around doors, roof vents and windows and reseal as necessary.
• Check awnings for damage, mildew and insects.
• Examine the hitch system for wear, loose bolts and cracks.

Change the engine oil and spark plugs. Many manufacturers recommend changing the oil and filter prior to storage and again in the spring. During storage, oil can separate and cause condensation buildup that may harm the engine. While replacing spark plugs, be sure to set the gaps to the recommended manufacturer’s setting.

Inspect the engine.
• Check the battery.
• Check the cooling and fuel systems.
• Drain and flush the entire system of the nontoxic antifreeze you used before placing the RV into storage and replace with the proper coolant.
• Check for cracks in hoses and fan belts and replace if necessary.
• Replace fuel filter, and examine the fuel lines and fittings for cracks and leaks.