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Cutting New Car Costs

(NAPS)—One way to avoid sticker shock or buyer’s remorse when purchasing a new car is to consider expenses you may encounter down the road.

For instance, experts say that while most people anticipate the purchase price, taxes and registration fees associated with a vehicle, many forget that the insurance they need to protect their vehicle could come with a hefty price tag. Fortunately, there are ways to keep insurance costs down while maintaining the type and amount of coverage a new car typically requires.

To help consumers control car costs—from sticker price to insurance premiums—The Progressive Group of Insurance Companies offers these tips:

• Decide ahead of time how much money you can spend and what type of vehicle best suits your needs.

• Research crash test and acci-dent data. You can see crash test video and analysis from the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety online at progressive.com.

• Check with several dealerships and get firm quotes in writing. Having quotes from several places can help you negotiate your best deal.

• Shop around for financing. Rates vary between institutions.

Insurance Costs

• Before you buy a car, you should check into how much it would cost to insure. Try talking with an independent insurance agent—it may save you some money.