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No Slip-Sliding Away: How to Stay on the Road

(NAPS)—One thing is easy to foretell: Unpredictable weather can cause reduced visibility and hazardous driving conditions that make it challenging for even the most experienced drivers. Fortunately, there are ways to protect yourself, your passengers and your car.

The following tips can help you stay safe when faced with treacherous roads:

Assemble a winter emergency kit. At a minimum, it should contain a blanket, boots, shovel, nonperishable food and a flashlight.

Plan ahead for stopping and turning. “Feather” the brakes when approaching a stop, especially if the road is slick. If turning, accelerate very gently through the turn.

Don’t make any sudden moves. Keep it slow and steady to maintain control.

Be cautious when braking in icy conditions. Coast over ice. Brake after reaching bare pavement. And never slam on the brakes. Brake gently in a pulsing fashion.

Steer into a skid. Remember: Locked wheels lead. If your rear tires are in a skid and “locked,” the rear of your car will start sliding to lead the car down the road. If this happens, steer into the skid, not away, and remember, don’t brake during a skid